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Welcome to Spa & Wellness center

Within the Spa & Wellness center there are outdoor and indoor swimming pools, Finnish sauna, Salt chamber, Jacuzzis, Turkish bath (hammam) and a variety of massages.

Among many massages release the tension and simply – shine.


Welcome to Spa & Wellness center

Within the Spa & Wellness center there are outdoor and indoor swimming pools, Finnish sauna, Salt chamber, Jacuzzis, Turkish bath (hammam) and a variety of massages.

Among many massages release the tension and simply – shine.


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Working hours:

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from 12:00 to 21:00

Contact numbers:

062 800 82 70

062 803 78 42


Children wellness center

Children enjoy plenty in our new spa aqua park, the first of it’s kind in Serbia, opened in 2018. The children’s wellness zone is designed for our youngest quests, entrance is allowed for the children up to 15 years old, and contains swimming pools and slides with the following characteristics:

  • Baby pool dimension 6x4m (depth 0,4m)
  • Children pool dimension 13x11m (depth 1m) with pool attractions
  • Slides

Indoor swimming pool

Spa & Wellness complex includes an indoor swimming pool (14m x 6m) with hydro massagers and turbo jet.

The water temperature is 27-30 C, and within a swimming pool area, there is bar, tepidarium benches (37 C of temperature) and two shower cabins.

*Children under the age of 15 are not allowed to use the indoor swimming pool for adults.

Outdoor swimming pools

The first pool dimensions 10m x 5m (depth 1,5m) and the second one dimensions 15x7m (depth 1,2) with artificial beach, sun loungers and outside Jacuzzi, gives an impression of staying in some tropical heaven on the slopes of wonderful Kopaonik.


Guests of “Kraljevi Čardaci” have two Jacuzzis with different capacities at their disposal, one within an indoor pool area, and the other one within an outdoor pool area.


Panorama sauna

In addition to the relaxing effect, the Panorama sauna also has a healing effect on the skin. While staying in the sauna the body sweats, which promotes the elimination of toxins from the body and strengthens immunity.

In addition to relaxation, the Panorama sauna provides the opportunity to enjoy the idyll of mountain Kopaonik, which will make your stay in the sauna even more pleasant.

Staying at a temperature of 80 – 100oC, the body eliminates harmful substances and the metabolism accelerates.

Raise your mental and physical activity and simply enjoy it.

Recommended stay: 10-15 minutes per treatment, maximum 3 treatments per day.

The recommended break between treatments is 15 min.

Bio sauna

The semi humid sauna will bring you relaxation and detoxification with an aroma of eucalyptus. If you are healthy, you can enjoy this sauna longer than Finnish one. You can stay in this sauna even for 20 minutes, and if one feels comfortable he/she can stay even longer. The treatment should be terminated the moment a person feels discomfort while sweating. The temperature and humidity are suitable for people with body water retention and swellings. Temperature in this sauna is 50-60C.

Finnish sauna – Dry sauna

Except for a relaxing, Finnish sauna has a curing effect on the body and skin due to the sweating which releases toxins and contributes to a better resistance of the body. Staying on the temperature of 80/100 C, the body releases harmful substances and the metabolism is speeded up. Brighten yourself up and improve your health. Enhance your psychological and physical activity and simply – enjoy. Recommended stay time: 10-15 minutes per treatment, maximum 3 treatments a day.

Humid sauna – Turkish sauna

Improves the immune system, regenerates skin cells and positively affects dry skin problems. Your body releases harmful substances and your metabolism becomes faster. Temperature of the sauna is 40-50C. Recommended stay time: 10-15 minutes per treatment, maximum 2 treatments a day.

Salt chamber

Salt chamber is built by the highest EU standards and regulations. The walls are covered with salt from Dead Sea and salt minerals which help maintaining the special microclimate, and halogenerator as well which is a basis for this treatment. The room temperature is 24-28 C, and humidity is 40 – 60 %. Staying for 45 minutes in a salt cave equals 3 days spent at the seaside. The air is rich with iodine which disinfects, bromine, magnesium which is an excellent anti-stress treatment, calcium which possesses anti-allergenic properties, and selenium which destroys free radicals.

  • Health:

    Makes your body stronger, both physically and mentally. Facilitates respiratory and skin problems, it cleans respiratory system, especially helping asthma patients. Reduses the sinuses inflammation and a propensity for colds, improves an immune system. Regulates a level of blood sugar and helps with a slow function of thyroid gland, problems with osteoporosis and rheumatism. Helps maintaining sexuality and libido. Prevents muscle cramps, varicose veins and their spreading.

  • Beauty:

    Cures acne, helps with eczema and allergies. Rejuvenates skin.

  • Relaxation:

    Helps with fatigue, exhaustion, tension, stress, depression, insomnia. It helps recreational and professional athletes relax their body, release stress and provide their cells with minerals.

Relax & Wellness


Kneipp improves circulation, helps digestive system, and helps with exhaustion, rheumatism, allergies and hormonal problems. Temperature is 15/38 C. Kneipp therapy consists of walking in circles through warm and cold water alternately. Recommendation: 2-3 circles during the stay in the relax part.


Muscles and nervous system are relaxed after a treatment on Tepidarium benches.

The temperature is 35-40C. Recommended stay is 15-20 minutes.


This is a ceremony of body revitalisation in which you put natural and smooth sea salt with herbal ethereal oils on your skin. Steam temperature of 45°C slowly melts the salt and washes it away from your skin. The steam relaxes your mind and releases harmful substances from your body. The secret of this ritual is in active combination of fire, water, minerals and aromatic herbs.

Spa bar

While you are waiting for your treatment, there is a Spa bar which offers aromatic teas, various types of coffees and refreshing drinks.